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Joint Virtual Mobile Entrepreneurs Office

Saarland University

The business start-up and business succession course teaches the fundamentals of business administration and is offered as a career-preparatory elective course that is recognized as a course credit through the award of credit points. In a total of 24 courses on Monday evenings over two semesters, students gain an insight into the most important fundamentals of business management, accounting, finance and business start-up practice.

The Institute for Business Start-ups/SMEs is headed by Prof. Dr. Heinz Kußmaul. Below you will find a schedule of the event.

Students of all disciplines can expand their competencies in the area of business start-up and management and graduate with a certificate in “Entrepreneurship”. In the elective area of the study subjects, 24 credit points can be acquired for this.

In addition to the basics of business start-ups, the certificate also covers the areas of business plan school, entrepreneurial thinking and action, and patent and innovation management. The “Entrepreneurship” certificate is offered as a practical preparation for a start-up or a professional career in the field of business management and is intended to improve the students’ chances on the (job) market.

The offer comprises four modules, which are offered in two semesters in close cooperation with KWT and are finally examined.


Students will learn the skills and gain the tools to start a business. The program is part-time. The compulsory courses include: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, Electronic commerce, Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, New product development and Innovation management, Top instruments for business management.

The Master’s Programme in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Information Technology provides students with the necessary competences for effective and efficient participation in innovative business processes and entrepreneurial companies.

The master program aims to provide students with knowledge and skills in the field of biobusiness and bioentrepreneurship.


The study program is designed for business practitioners who want to improve, develop lifelong learning, retrain, and entrepreneurs who want to build their own business. The program focuses on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship environment, developing the ability to systematically manage and develop modern business organizations by integrating different functional business areas.
(Currently taught only in Lithuanian language)