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T4EU Strategic Assembly

17–19 October, 2022 | Saarland University


From Monday, 17th October to Wednesday, 19th October 2022, Saarland University will host the annual Transform4Europe Strategic Assembly at the University Campus in Saarbrücken. The event constitutes a platform for exchange and discussion among all groups involved in the Transform4Europe University Alliance – students, academic and non-academic staff, the university managements and external stakeholders. Meetings of the institutional bodies of the Alliance and of different expert groups will afford the opportunity to discuss strategic questions, develop new ideas and enhance our network.

The Strategic Assembly will kick off with the first Transform4Europe Policy Conference “Transforming Europe – How European University Alliances shape Europe’s future” on 17th October.  European experts from various fields will discuss the topics of transformation in individuals, institutions and regions in a roundtable and in different workshops.

On Tuesday, 18th October meetings of the governing boards and of expert groups of the T4EU Alliance will be held. The Management Board meetings and the Student Council meeting are scheduled for Wednesday, 19th October.

More at: www.uni-saarland.de.