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The subpage stores the most important consortium documents. Here, you may find the fruits of our labour within the Transform4Europe, including strategies we have developed, descriptions of the implemented tasks and statements on the different areas of activity realised in partnership.

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Framework for Visiting Professorship

One of the main Transform4Europe objectives aims to link the T4EU European University with the broader European and global context. The Visiting Professorship addresses the T4EU specific objective to connect the Alliance with external academic ecosystems at European and global level. This initiative seeks to attract academics from outside the Alliance for both teaching and research purposes who can provide expertise complementary to the expertise available within the Alliance. It is planned that at least five open calls will be published during the project’s lifetime. The visiting professors will be hosted by at least two T4EU partner universities.

The current framework provides a description of the methodology, criteria and procedures involved in attracting, selecting, and supporting teaching professors who are not part of the Transform4Europe alliance.

Author: Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Inventory of Innovative Teaching Methods

One of Transform4Europe strategic aims is to foster skilling and reskilling for the staff and upscale opportunities for professional development with a special focus on the academic staff. Open Learning Hub activities will enable the whole community of teaching staff to be upskilled in innovative teaching, co-teaching, and co-creation principles.

The inventory of innovative teaching methods aims to achieve the following goals across the Transform4Europe alliance:

  • To identify the academic staff’s current use of innovative teaching methods, tools, and approaches.
  • To share the best practice experiences using innovative teaching methods.
  • To foresee the significant possibilities and challenges in innovative teaching methods, tools, and approaches within the Alliance.


Additionally, the inventory analysis emphasizes the most beneficial topics for academic staff professional development (PD) training programmes. The possible list of most beneficial topics are: The use of AI in higher education teaching; Active teaching methods in higher education; Innovative teaching methods in higher education; Teaching and learning methods for students engagement, motivation and activation; Teaching strategies: design-based, project-based, problem-based learning, etc.; Assessment: strategies, methods, feedback; Innovative teaching and learning methods in multicultural and multilingual environments; Gamification and game-based learning in higher education; The use of digital technologies and tools for different educational purposes. As the information provided in this report indicates, there is much space within the Transform4Europe alliance’s PD activities to strengthen academic staff knowledge and skills about innovative teaching methods and tools.

Author:Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas