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Joint Mobile Entrepreneurs Office

A common space to promote the participation of entrepreneurs


The Transform4Europe (T4EU) Joint Mobile Entrepreneurs Office offers a common space to promote the participation of entrepreneurs (bachelors, masters and doctoral students within the T4EU alliance) in initiatives promoted by the universities participating in the project such as entrepreneurial internships and volunteering opportunities, competitions and funding opportunities. It unifies the strengths of each of them to offer a wide range of services that respond to entrepreneurs in the different stages of consolidation of their projects.

In addition, a dynamic communication system will be established where entrepreneurs may consult the experts designated by each of the universities.


The T4EU Joint Mobile Entrepreneurs Office is raised as a tool to provide entrepreneurs useful information to find options for participation in the initiatives promoted by the alliance and support them during the whole process.


The experts appointed by each partner university serve as a reference within the T4EU Joint Mobile entrepreneurs office. They be in charge of:

  • solving doubts raised by entrepreneurs from other universities through the T4EU Joint Mobile entrepreneurs office;
  • maintain updated information on programs and calls included in the T4EU Joint Mobile entrepreneurs office catalogue.



Kontaktstelle für Wissens- und Technologietransfer

The Gründer-Campus Saar with its central institution, the Contact Point for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KWT) at Saarland University, is the place to go for people interested in founding a company and start-ups from the region. In our start-up consulting we help you to develop your idea into a business model. In workshops you can further educate and qualify yourself. We place investors with up-and-coming start-ups. In our start-up consulting we help you to develop your idea into a business model. In workshops you can further educate and qualify yourself. We place investors with up-and-coming start-ups.



Career Center UdS



Businesses appreciate University of Trieste graduates for their level of preparation and openness to the international environment. Our graduates enjoy a higher rate of employment and higher salaries than the national average.

The University of Trieste provides students with the means to accelerate their entry into the job market, including careers advice, assessment, preparation of resumes and cover letters, and support with networking. The Placement Office acts as a liaison between students and prospective employers by organizing information sessions, on campus interviews and attendance at career and industry fairs, programmes and panels.

In just the last few years, the UniTS Technology Transfer office has registered more than 100 patent families and contributed to the creation of 23 research spin-offs, reaching a 4th place overall ranking among all Italian universities.

Many companies have signed partnership agreements with UniTS aimed at developing joint research ventures. These companies interact with all students, from undergraduates to PhDs, creating a dynamic and ongoing connection between the University, students and the job market.

Businesses are key partners for UniTS both in developing innovative projects and as future employers for our graduates.

In the area of “Technology Transfer”, the University of Trieste aims to expand its already strong presence in national and international networks by investing in Student Entrepreneurship projects to foster greater innovation and business skills.


Salvatore Dore


Industry Cooperation Office.

The forms of cooperation include:

Commissioned research services, provision of laboratories and research equipment, intellectual property transfer, preparation of opinions on innovation, cooperation between experts, organisation of joint postgraduate studies, search for trainees and interns, consultation of teaching programmes, execution of joint projects co-financed with the European Union funds, execution of joint research and implementation projects, joint organisation of academic and student events.


Career Center

Aim – to facilitate entering the labour market by students of University of Silesia.

Main tasks focus on the areas of: cooperation with employers, vocational guidance, social research, entrepreneurship promotion


Iwa Wcislo-Maslanka: iwa.wcislo-maslanka@us.edu.pl

Jacek Nowak: jacek.nowak@us.edu.pl

At the Employment Center we make available to the university community and to companies and institutions a wide range of services in terms of internships and employment as well as entrepreneurship. Within this portfolio of services, individualized guidance activities, training programs, contests and competitions, internship programs and job offers are included with the aim of increasing the skills and opportunities of the students of the University of Alicante in their insertion into the labor market. In addition, we bring talent closer to the business world, putting students and our graduates in contact with experts from large companies to establish a first contact with them and discover what they can offer.


Esther Gallego


Israel Pastor


The Centre for the Development and Knowledge Transfer (CDKT) is an organizational unit of the University of Primorska (UP), established in 2008 and it serves as the technology transfer office of the UP. CDTK acts as an intermediary between the fields of research and business, as well as public sector institutions. We provide researchers with support for their ideas and potential innovations, as well as serving as an access point for companies searching for technology, knowledge, or project partnerships. Our main objective is to encourage and support various forms of knowledge transfer to the business sector and consequently society.

CDKT is active in the following areas:

  • Cooperation with industry
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Intellectual property commercialization
  • Fostering entrepreneurship
  • Promotion and dissemination of knowledge among private and public sector (especially currently, through the EU „green, digital and inclusive & innovation agenda“)

CDKT current project work:

  • Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) (EEN5, 2022-2025)
  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (SMP-COSME-2021-EYE, 2023-2027)
  • Sustainable and Resilient Transformation of the Rural Coastal Tourism Industry (COASTOUR, 2023-2026)
  • European Digital Innovation Hub (SRC-EDIH, 2022-2025)
  • Waiting for a new ‚wave‘ for the expertise and services in technology transfer (TT) as one of the Slovenian members of Technology Transfer Office

CDKT has its own office administration, employing 2 full time expert support assistants, and is lead by programme head, comming from the researchers, currently Professor and Researcher from Faculty of Management

Researchers from all the member faculties of the University of Primorska cooperate in the project work of the CDKT, meaning that researchers come from the UP members of Faculty of Management (FM), Faculty of Health Sciences (FVZ), Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology (FAMNIT), Faculty of Pedagogy (PEF), Faculty of Tourism Studies (TURISTICA) and Faculty of Humanities (FHŠ).

Due to the nature of the projects currently carried out at the CDKT, the office and researchers are intensely involved in the Slovenian business, and also public sector environment, both regionally, nationally and also over the borders (especially with Italy, Croatia and EU).


Contact: crpz@upr.si

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Simona Kustec, head of CRPZ, simona.kustec@fm-kp.si