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Course offer for lifelong learners

Three specialized courses catered for pupils in secondary education, professionals and the general public


We are excited to announce the launch of three specialized courses for pupils in secondary education, professionals and the general public. The registration period for these courses will open on June 30th. Each course, spanning 30 hours, is specifically tailored for a distinct target audience. The first course on tourism is designed for non-university students with vocational training. The second course on big data is aimed at students in secondary education. Lastly, the third course on politics is intended for the general public.

Course 1: Tourism Economics

The Tourism Economics Course is a comprehensive program designed to equip professionals in the tourism industry with a solid understanding of the fundamental economic principles applied to the field. Participants will gain knowledge in key economic concepts such as supply and demand, production costs, market competition, and relevant economic policies. Through engaging lectures, practical case analyses, and interactive exercises, students will develop a strong foundation in applying economic theories to the dynamic tourism industry.

Course 2: From Data to Knowledge: An Introduction to Big Data, Open Data, and Data Mining Technologies

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the big data landscape, including an introduction to open data and the utilization of data mining technologies. Students will explore the process of knowledge discovery in databases, enabling them to extract valuable insights from vast collections of data. Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, participants will develop the skills necessary to navigate and leverage the power of big data in various domains.

Course 3: Political Systems of the EU States and the USA

The Political Systems of the EU States and the USA course offers an intriguing exploration of modern political systems. While news outlets provide ample information on these systems, this course aims to deepen participants’ understanding of the underlying mechanisms involved. Learners will gain insights into the operations of selected political systems, including Great Britain, the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Sweden. Through engaging lectures and interactive discussions, students will enhance their knowledge of the inner workings and dynamics of these political systems.

  • target audience: general public
  • registration: Available from October 15th 2023

These courses provide valuable opportunities for professionals to expand their expertise, acquire new skills, and enhance their career prospects. Interested individuals can find further information and register for the courses at: transform4europe.eu/lll-courses.