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University of Alicante, Spain


We are thrilled to announce the launch of three specialized courses catered for pupils in secondary education, professionals and the general public. The courses will be available from June 30th. The first course focuses on tourism economics, the second on the management of big data, open data, and data mining technologies, and finally, the third course will cover the political systems of the EU States and the USA.

Language: English.

Description of the course: The Tourism Economics Course is a program designed to provide professionals in the tourism industry with a basic yet solid understanding of the fundamental economic principles applied to the tourism industry. Through lectures, exercises, and practical case analyses, participants will acquire knowledge of key economic concepts, such as supply and demand, production costs, market competition, and relevant economic policies.

Duration: 30 hours.

Teaching format: online asynchronous.

Objectives of the course and learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of tourism within the national and international economic structure.
  • Comprehend the characteristics and functioning of different types of markets.
  • Locate and understand economic information in order to analyze current situations, anticipate trends, identify opportunities, make decisions, and establish business strategies within a macroeconomic context.
  • Familiarize oneself with basic quantitative methods to extract relevant information from macroeconomic variables, as well as accounting and financial systems and procedures.

Target audience: professionals

Registration: https://moodle2022-23.ua.es/formacio/enrol/index.php?id=822

Language: English.

Description of the course: This course provides an overview of the big data scenario including the concept of open data, as well as an introduction to knowledge discovery in databases pipeline, that is, the process of discovering useful knowledge from large collections of data.

Duration: 30 hours.

Teaching format:  online asynchronous.

Objectives of the course and learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the concept of a big data scenario and its relationship with latest technologies (e.g. IoT and artificial intelligence). 
  • Introduction to technological and legal issues of open data (formats and licenses).
  • Understanding opportunities and benefits of reusing open data, as well as data sharing between private and public entities.
  • Understanding the concepts of data mining, exploratory data analysis (including different visualisation techniques) and machine learning. 
  • Introduction to different approaches to analyse and extract knowledge from textual information (i.e., text mining).

Target audience: students in secondary education.

Registration: https://moodle2022-23.ua.es/formacio/course/view.php?id=762

Language: English.

Description of the course: Political systems of modern states are a very interesting topic. Watching the daily news, we get a lot of information about their operation. But do we always understand all the processes involved? The main aim of the course is to present to the learners mechanism of operation of selected political systems: Great Britain, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden.

Duration: 30h

Teaching format:  online asynchronous.

Learning outcomes of the course:

Having successfully completed the course, the learner will be able to:

  • define the concept of the political system,
  • identify the most characteristic features of selected political systems of the European states (Great Britain, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden),
  • identify similarities and differences between the European political systems and the political system of the USA,
  • select relevant source material and items of representative literature,
  • create the scheme to describe the operation of the selected political system,
  • share the knowledge on the political systems operation.

Target audience: general public

Registration: Available from October 15th 2023