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Saarland University

Under the expert guidance of Professor Dr. Heinz Kußmaul, the Institute for Business Start-ups/SMEs offers the “Entrepreneurship and Business Succession Study Program.” This program is specifically designed for non-business students but is open to all. It serves as a career-preparatory elective course at the University of Saarland, spanning two semesters with evening classes held over a total of 24 sessions. The program provides essential business fundamentals as foundational knowledge for potential entrepreneurs. Participants gain insights into key areas such as management, accounting, finance, business start-up practices, and business succession.

This program, starting in the winter semester, can be recognized for academic credit and is also accessible to external participants.

After Professor Kußmaul’s retirement, Professor Dr. Sven Heidenreich (Chair of Business Administration, particularly Technology and Innovation Management) will assume the academic leadership of the “Entrepreneurship and Business Succession Study Program.”

The certificate program covers essential topics such as business plan development, entrepreneurial thinking and action, and patent and innovation management. The program consists of four modules, which are offered over the course of two semesters. Each module provides a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of business start-ups. To complete the program, participants will undertake a seminar project tailored to their respective fields of study. This project allows you to apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills to a practical scenario.

The Entrepreneurship Certificate Program is offered in partnership with Professor Dr. Sven Heidenreich, Chair of Technology and Innovation Management at our university. By earning 24 credit points, you receive not only valuable knowledge but also an additional incentive to engage with the topic of entrepreneurship during your studies. The program is integrated into the regular curriculum, providing you with a valuable channel to explore and develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

The program is modular in structure, consisting of a core curriculum that covers essential topics for all participants. Additionally, elective modules allow you to tailor the program to your specific interests and inclinations. The certificate program culminates in a seminar project and a comprehensive block seminar on entrepreneurial management, offering a holistic learning experience.


Students will learn the skills and gain the tools to start a business. The program is part-time. The compulsory courses include: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, Electronic commerce, Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, New product development and Innovation management, Top instruments for business management.

The Master’s Programme in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Information Technology provides students with the necessary competences for effective and efficient participation in innovative business processes and entrepreneurial companies.

The master program aims to provide students with knowledge and skills in the field of biobusiness and bioentrepreneurship.


The study program is designed for business practitioners who want to improve, develop lifelong learning, retrain, and entrepreneurs who want to build their own business. The program focuses on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship environment, developing the ability to systematically manage and develop modern business organizations by integrating different functional business areas.
(Currently taught only in Lithuanian language)