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Financial Topics in English

This course discusses money, its roles and functions, from a microeconomic and macroeconomic perspective. The most important topics tackled by the course involve: – Money

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Cryptography and Computer Safety

Content: • Classical ciphers and historical development • Fiestel’s cipher and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) • Finite fields and Extended Euclidean algorithm • Public crypto

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Galois Theory

Content: – Classical formulas – Polynomials and field theory – Fundamental theorem on symmetric polynomials and discriminants – Roots of unity and cyclotomic polynomials –

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Permutation groups

Content: – group action. – orbits and stabilizers. – extensions to multiply transitive groups. – primitivity and imprimitivity. – permutation groups and graphs. – graph

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Economic statistics

The aim of this course is to present to the students the two facets of statistics. On the one hand, the course explains official data

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