Evolutionary and Population Genetics

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the basic concepts of evolutionary and population genetics, and deepen their knowledge about the usefulness of molecular tools determining evolutionary history of species and in the study of populations of plants and animals.
General competences: students obtain detailed insight on measuring genetic diversity of populations (heterozygosity, distribution and allele frequencies, genotypes) and factors that affect this diversity (selection, genetic drift, mutations, gene flow).
Specific competences: Students will be able to understand specifics of molecular evolution and application of bioinformatics into molecular evolution and phylogenetics. The origin of populations and their structure in space. Lectures will provide theoretical knowledge, which will be upgraded in the tutorials with practical computational exercises and case-studies. By addressing key problems in the course the students will learn different research methods and techniques that will allow them to acquire new skills and develop critical thinking.

Lecturer: Elena Bužan
Number of places for T4EU students: 10.


Basic Course (BC): knowledge in area of expertise

Time: TBC



Oct 01 2024 - Jan 17 2025




University of Primorska