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Joint Virtual Mobile Entrepreneurs Office


The interactive Business Plan School offers you the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to develop a meaningful business plan within a very short time and under the guidance of experts.

In the course of only seven days, all relevant fields of business plan creation are presented and worked on practically. Using the “Business Model Canvas” you will learn to identify the most important building blocks of a business idea and to visualize their interaction. Based on this, the individual areas of a business idea are examined in more detail and formulated in writing.

Marketing and sales are developed specifically for the target group and adapted to the individual business ideas. However, the figures, data and facts are also examined in detail and tested for their resilience before they are presented to the banker in a role play. Argumentation techniques and rhetorical tools help you to steer the conversation in your favor.

At the end of the Business Plan School, you will have to prepare for a pitch and convince the jury of financiers and investors of your idea.

As a participant in the Business Plan School, you can use office space and infrastructure in the Starter Center during the week of the event, and the advisors of the Gründer-Campus Saar will support you in word and deed.

At the beginning of the event, topics and challenges from various areas will be presented. Afterwards, you can develop creative ideas with other participants online or on-site and prototype with a team. Mentors will be available throughout the weekend to help you with any questions you may have.

The best ideas will be selected by a jury at the end and will receive a prize. But more importantly, you’ll simply develop exciting new ideas and gain experience.

You have created something so cool that you potentially want to start a company with it?

After the event, our organizers and event partners will have start-up experts on hand to help you put it into practice, if you like.

With “Makers of Tomorrow,” entrepreneurship is now on the curriculum as a separate subject. This is an online study course that will be offered to students at German universities in the winter semester of this year. In the course, successful founders tell their stories.

Who is “Makers of Tomorrow” for?

“Makers of Tomorrow” is a format for students from all subjects. And quite deliberately not just for economics or computer science. It is also open to students in the humanities, natural sciences and all other fields of study. Students can learn from role models, gain very personal insights into the start-up world and are given the first tools for a start-up.

The Move Ideas Festival is a cross-disciplinary 3-day creative training and matching event. The development of creative as well as entrepreneurial competencies and the implementation of these in innovative, socially relevant project ideas is the goal of this event.


Is an initiative that seeks to materialize innovative business ideas until they are placed on the market. You can participate by presenting your business idea in the opening session. You can also participate without presenting any idea, in this way you will join the multidisciplinary work group of the project that interests you the most, learning and collaborating in the development of the project.

Training activity with specific sessions aimed at maturing business ideas and obtaining management tools for their implementation.

It is aimed at students and graduates who seek to discover and put into practice tools for generating business ideas collaboratively. It is a first step for restless minds, with or without a business idea, with a clear determination to put their business ideas to work.

GENERA seeks to create a space for strategic innovation between leading companies and students and graduates from the University itself.

Through GENERA, the participating companies will define and convey to students and graduates the great strategic challenges they will face in the coming years. The participants, after receiving specific training and practice, will create working groups to generate solutions and opportunity scenarios aimed at the challenges launched by companies.


The aim of the project is to carry out a number of activities that will contribute to strengthening cooperation between the scientific and business communities, preparation of commercialisation projects for the conducted research, intensification of technology portfolio management capabilities and carrying out pre-implementation work for their commercialisation.

Participants of the project can be only employees of University of Silesia in Katowice and scientific-research teams, in which at least one person is an employee of Usil, if they are authors of results of scientific research and development works which can be subject to commercialisation performed by Usil.

Participants of the project can also be participants of doctoral studies conducted by USil and students if they are authors of results of scientific research and development works which can be commercialised by University of Silesia.

More: https://us.edu.pl/wspolpraca/wspolpraca-z-biznesem/oferta-dla-biznesu/projekty-biura-wspolpracy-z-gospodarka/ii4-0-iii-n/