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Joint Virtual Mobile Entrepreneurs Office


The interactive Business Plan School – a dynamic program that equips you with essential skills to craft a meaningful business plan guided by seasoned experts.

Over the course of just seven days, you’ll dive deep into all aspects of business plan creation, applying practical techniques and utilizing the renowned “Business Model Canvas” methodology. This powerful tool will help you identify key building blocks of your business idea and visualize their seamless integration. From there, you’ll meticulously explore and articulate each aspect of your business proposal.

The program’s focus extends to targeted marketing and sales strategies tailored to your specific audience and unique business concept. Dive into meticulous financial analysis, stress-testing your figures, data, and facts to ensure robustness before you enter the role-play session with a seasoned banker. With expertly honed argumentation techniques and rhetorical prowess, you’ll confidently steer the conversation in your favor.

Culminating your Business Plan School experience, you’ll be tasked to deliver a captivating pitch, captivating a jury of financiers and investors with your brilliant idea. Excitement builds as the jury declares a winner, and the recognition your project deserves.

As a participant in the Business Plan School, you’ll have access to office space and essential infrastructure at the Starter Center throughout the event week. Moreover, the Triathlon seasoned advisors will offer unwavering support, ensuring your success.

This empowering program will be offered in a hybrid format, combining in-person sessions for team-building and networking on the first and last days, with digital components in between. Each workshop comprises seven slots, each lasting four hours, held twice a year in the spring and autumn.


It is a complementary program to your academic training that is carried out individually and personalized, through which you can be part of a process of growth in your personal and interpersonal skills, which will allow you to establish concrete objectives and put into practice useful tools for your academic and professional future.


Career Center conducts:
– workshops, training developing soft skills such as self-presentation, stress and time management, personal branding (during Academic Year).
– workshops, training referring to the topic of opening and running one own business (frequently conducted by specialists from Labour Office).
– training using new technologies in running a business ( Agile, Prince, Excel, Design Thinking).

During summer holidays we organize the Career Development Academy – a series of trainings dedicated to professional and personal development. Every week one training presented by the employer is carried out. It refers to the following topcs: effective commnication, self-presentation, leadership, time management. It lasts for few hours and is certified.