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Category: Networking

Joint Virtual Mobile Entrepreneurs Office

Saarland University

Join Start-Up NOW, the ultimate hub for entrepreneurs and aspiring founders! We bring together like-minded individuals to network, exchange ideas, and support each other on the entrepreneurial journey. With five events per year, including fun activities like hiking and bowling, we foster a vibrant community and provide valuable feedback for startup teams. International students are also encouraged to participate, with inspiring success stories serving as a gateway to global entrepreneurship. Don’t miss out on this dynamic startup scene – sign up for Start-Up NOW and take your ideas to the next level!

In light of the current stagnation in the number of female-led startups, it is crucial to focus on this target group and encourage them to start their own ventures through engaging exchange formats. In collaboration with the Saarland Chamber of Labor, the organizers are creating a platform for regular knowledge-sharing among aspiring and experienced female entrepreneurs through a “Female Founders get together.” This initiative aims to empower women and provide them with the necessary support and guidance to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Building connections with (local) decision-makers in politics and associations is important for entrepreneurs and desired by decision-makers themselves. In a trustworthy atmosphere, free from social media photos, press, or other reporting, the protagonists come together to discuss what works well and where we need to improve. The project partners see themselves not as participants but as organizers and moderators in this gathering. Join us for an exclusive opportunity to engage with influential decision-makers, exchange ideas, and shape the future of entrepreneurship. This event welcomes students, aspiring founders, and startups from other universities to participate and make valuable connections. Don’t miss out on this chance to have a meaningful impact – register now!

We aim to foster stronger connections between advanced-stage start-ups and established companies. We invite CEOs and founders of start-ups operating for several years or reaching a certain scale (e.g., > 20 employees) to join us. Our goal is to engage with CEOs who are already further along in their journey and facing new challenges, and who would appreciate the opportunity to exchange experiences with others in similar situations.

Once a year, we host a highlight event featuring a top-level speaker who shares their personal entrepreneurial journey. This extraordinary individual will have completed a non-technical degree and successfully built a company with products or services that do not rely on a “Deep-Tech” approach. Inspirational figures like Julian Teicke from WeFox (insurance), Tarek Müller from About You (fashion), or Lena Jüngst from Airup (beverages) serve as prime examples of such entrepreneurial personalities. They showcase that a technical innovation is not always necessary to build a thriving business.

University of Silesia in Katowice

Meetings referring to company itself and internal recrutiment process.
Opportunity for students to learn how to cope in contact with employers in a business field. Possibility to learn how the process of organizational work looks like within companies.

Possibility for students to get familiar with companies from different backgrounds and fields of economies. Way to learn an entrepreneurial attitude and an open mindset. It is held at least  twice a year and organized for students and graduates looking for a job or additional professional activities like internships, programmes, competitions etc. Mobile Career Fairs are organized at the faculties. The invited companies present initiatives dedicated to students of particular fields of study.

“Speed stazing”
An event called “Speed stazing” is similar to “speed dating”. Having a short description of companies at the local market, students interested in internships take part in quick interviews with the representatives of the companies. That gives students an opportunity to introduce themselves to all companies present at the event. It is a great chance for potential employers to take the first step of the enrolment process in a short period of time.