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CATEGORY: Mentoring

Joint Virtual Mobile Entrepreneurs Office

Saarland University

Over the years, the Saarland Accelerator has established itself as a key instrument for targeted support for aspiring founders. With its intensive three-month process, this program has gained significant appeal for teams in the pre-startup or early startup phase.

In the early stages of a startup, crucial decisions with long-term implications need to be made. That’s why, in addition to the dedicated guidance provided by our startup coaches, we offer support from external experts and mentors. This comprehensive approach ensures constant evaluation and flexible adaptation of goals and business strategies.

The Saarland Accelerator incorporates several elements to facilitate a successful journey:

1. Rigorous selection process: Applications are reviewed by an external jury consisting of representatives from Saarland companies, political figures, successful entrepreneurs, and industry experts.

2. Comprehensive training plan: The accelerator program includes an official start and end date, with a wide range of practical workshops, community events, and networking opportunities tailored to specific focus areas.

3. Intensive coaching: Throughout the entire program, participating teams receive dedicated workspace at our starter center, equipped with all the necessary infrastructure. Each team is assigned a primary startup coach who provides continuous support and guidance. Additional topic owners are involved as needed for supplementary coaching sessions. Weekly feedback sessions ensure efficient progress, following agile project management methodologies.

4. Access to networks: Participants benefit from a strong network of partners, including the University of Saarland, htw saar, and the broader Saarland startup ecosystem. These connections provide valuable resources and opportunities for collaboration.

5. Showcase your potential: The accelerator culminates in a high-quality final event called the “Demo Day,” where teams have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to an independent panel of experts and a live audience. Exceptional teams may even receive monetary prizes to further fuel their progress.

University of Silesia in Katowice

Series of meetings with graduates of University of Silesia representing different specializations (some of them opened own businesses). The aim of this initiative is to show the professional perspectives after a particular field of studies and to encourage young people to start a business.