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European Student Assembly

Students of the T4EU Alliance actively shape Europe’s future

3–4 May 2022 | Strasbourg


As part of the “Conference for the Future of Europe”, the European Student Assembly will take place on 3 and 4 March in Strasbourg.

Here, 275 students from all 41 European university alliances, including Transform4Europe, will exchange views on current topics related to Europe. Ten panels will discuss questions such as “Do we need a European Health Union?”, “How can the EU become more resilient to cyber-attacks?” or “How should the EU prepare for future migration crises?

Lukas Redemann, student of Saarland University and President of the Student Council of our university alliance Transform4Europe, is participating in the panel on cyber security. He will attend the Student Assembly together with four other Transform4Europe Students from Trieste and Alicante.

Until March, students from all over Europe will discuss and develop a policy paper that will present proposals to the EU institutions. Input will be provided by the students’ own independent research as well as by experts for the respective panel topics. Currently, the students meet weekly and are preparing intensively for the European Student Assembly, which hopefully can take place in presence. It remains exciting to see which forward-looking proposals the Assembly will adopt in March.

Five students in Strasbourg
Photo from Lukas Redemann’s archive