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Digital transformation week at the University of ALICANTE

The UA organises the Transform4Europe Week, a doctoral symposium and a round table and mobilizes nearly 200 people from 8 countries

8–12 May 2023 | University of Alicante, Spain


The University of Alicante is hosting this week the eagerly awaited international T4EU Week, a doctoral symposium and a round table on digital transformation, within the framework of the European alliance Transform4Europe. The planned activities will mobilise more than two hundred students, doctoral students and teaching staff from the different universities involved in the European project. 

During T4EU Week, four specialisation workshops in digital transformation are being held, which are addressing current issues such as the management of massive data, the use of technologies for second language learning, the retrieval of musical information or how to become a Knowledge Entrepreneur. The participants are also planning various cultural activities, such as a visit to the emblematic Santa Bárbara Castle or a visit to the Alicante Casino.   

On 11 and 12 May, the University of Alicante will host the Transform4Europe Doctoral Symposium on Artificial Intelligence. The activity has been organised jointly with the Doctoral Programme in Computer Science of the University of Alicante. At the event, PhD students will present posters summarising work in progress and several experts in the field will give presentations. Each university in the Transform4Europe alliance has proposed seven doctoral students to participate in the event.

Juan Llopis, the Director of Institutional Relations and Projects, and Rafael Molina, the Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation, will perform the opening ceremony on the 11th. Then, Esther Sebastián will talk about “Birdsong recognition with ML”, and Nuria Oliver will give the talk “Covid crisis: Digital management Tools”. On Friday 12th Elena Lloret will give a talk entitled “Text summarizing techniques” and Stefan Thalhammer will talk about “Robotics Vision: 6D Pose estimation”.

Finally, on the 11th, the UA will also host an interesting round table to discuss the numerous legal challenges of digital transformation, which are the subject of different international research projects. Members of the universities that make up Transform4Europe will introduce their lines of research related to this field of study to explore possibilities for collaboration and the Chair for the Responsible Development of the Metaverse will be presented by Aurelio López-Tarruella, a Professor of International Private Law.