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Beyond Glass Ceiling

The second edition of the project disseminating the work of women composers


Agata Hołdyk, PhD, from the Faculty of Arts and Educational Science, University of Silesia in Katowice, implemented the second edition of the project disseminating the work of women composers. She has been continuing her research work based on selected countries of the Transform4Europe Alliance – Poland, Germany and Estonia. This time, however, she invited one of the women composers—Daarien Jack, who is also a violinist—to join the project. Her acrylic-glass electric violin has contributed to the project as its integral part.

The glass ceiling is a metaphor for familiar, established soundtracks, classical instrument combinations in concerts. The project is about a new perception of music through the juxtaposition of meditative piano music with an electroacoustic ‘hybrid’ – an electric glass-acrylic violin and an acoustic piano. Additionally, Daarien Jack has included an artificial intelligence component in some of the sound effects. The project features selected works by composers Daarien Jack (Poland), Maria Vihmand Eskiis (Germany) and Lea Gabral (Estonia).

The project was supported by funds awarded in the ‘Freedom of Research’ call for proposals within the Research Excellence Initiative of the University of Silesia.