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Trieste is a city of arts, culture, sports and nature.

If you take a walk along the waterfront or on trails above the city, you will appreciate the varied panoramas and understand the city, not just from a scenic point of view, but from a cultural one as well.

The presence of monuments and landmarks belonging to the diverse ethnic groups that have lived and mingled here since the 17th century illustrates why, even today, Trieste is culturally ready to pave the way towards a new humanistic era. With its performing arts theatres, an opera house, museums, literary cafés, film and science festivals, the city offers a wide variety of daily activities.

Living in Trieste also means taking advantage of the many organisations and facilities geared towards lovers of the outdoors, such as swimming, rowing, snorkelling and scuba diving, horseback riding, spelunking, rock climbing, hiking, tennis and golf, not to mention sailing – the annual Barcolana regatta attracts thousands of racers from around the world. Moreover, if you love mountain biking, you can follow a number of cycling trails from the Karst down to the coasts of Slovenia and Croatia, as well as enjoy other historical surroundings.


Koper, the largest town of Slovenian Istria and the home of about one half of the population of the Municipality of Koper, is also the only Slovenian port.

The town of Koper is considered to be one of the oldest Slovenian towns, with its rich history dating back to the Middle Bronze Age.

Koper was first populated during the time of the Romans and used to be an island; after the Roman Empire, several reigns and countries developed in the area, which led to its different names. The original name of the settlement on the island where the town is located today was Aegida; during the Roman reign, the town was called Capris and later Insula Capraria (Goat Island); the Byzantines called it Justinopolis, while the patriarchs of Aquileia gave it the name Caput Histriae (Head of Istria). The Venetians, whose influence in the area was the most visible, named the settlement Capo d’Istria (Head of Istria); in addition to the Slovenian version (Koper), this is also the version that is still in use today, with Koper being a bilingual zone.

Today’s Koper shows two faces to the world: one is a modern, loud and busy industrial part of the city, the other is the charming small Old Town with the lovely Tito square and late medieval and early Renaissance buildings, such as the Praetorian Palace, the Loggia Palace and the Cathedral of the Assumption built in Venetian styles. This year, Koper is celebrating its 1500th anniversary.

You can also say goodbye to the town and head to the countryside. Explore beautiful Istrian villages and their special features and taste the delicacies made from the gifts of the Istrian soil.



The T4EU Week will take place in Trieste, Italy, from Monday to Wednesday, and in Koper, Slovenia, from Wednesday to Friday, so make sure you take this into account when planning your trip. Please arrive at least one day before the event. Although the two cities are close to each other, we do not recommend that you plan to stay in only one of the cities, but rather book your accommodation in both Trieste and Koper, depending on the programme.

On Wednesday, the day of the move from Trieste to Koper, transport and various relocation options will be arranged by the organisers. You will therefore only need to organise your own transport from the airport to your first accommodation in Trieste and from your second accommodation in Koper to the airport. Also busses on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will be organized from Koper to Trieste train station for easier access to the airports. 

For more information and help with bookings, please contact t4euweek@upr.si.

There are several options to get from Trieste Airport to Trieste:


SHUTTLE: Book a GoOpti shuttle (shared van) transfer directly to your final destination in Trieste. Please note that advance booking is necessary.


TRAIN: On the TRIESTE–VENICE railway line, you will now find the new “TRIESTE AIRPORT” train station, served every day by:

  • 6 “Frecce” high-speed trains
  • 20 local trains to/from UDINE
  • 28 local trains to/from VENICE
  • 48 local trains to/from TRIESTE

Please see the Trenitalia website to find the right connection with your flight.


COACH: Trieste Airport is integrated into the public transport network of the APT GORIZIA coach operator.

  • COACH SERVICE: Coach Service 51
  • FARE CODE: E06
  • ONE-WAY FARE: € 4.05

Tickets can be bought at the airport:

  • at the 24/7 automatic ticket machines located inside (arrivals hall of the passenger terminal, next to the main exit) and outside the airport (on the covered walkway, in front of the bus stops),
  • at the tourist information counter – Infopoint Turismo FVG (arrivals hall of the passenger terminal).


TAXI: Taxis are available outside the passenger terminal daily between 8 a.m. and midnight.

For more information and bookings:

There are several options to get from Treviso Airport to Trieste:


SHUTTLE: Book a GoOpti shuttle (shared van) transfer directly to your final destination in Trieste. Please note that advance booking is necessary.


TRAIN via Treviso:


TRAIN via Venezia Mestre:


TAXI: The service is provided by the company Radio Taxi Treviso. For more information and bookings:

  • Phone: +39 0422 431515
  • Text: +39 338 844 2000

There are several options to get from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Trieste:


SHUTTLE: Book a GoOpti shuttle (shared van) transfer directly to your final destination in Trieste. Please note that advance booking is necessary.


TRAIN via Venezia Mestre:


COACH/BUS: All bus-related information is available here.

To get from Ljubljana Airport (Jože Pučnik Airport) to Trieste, you have a couple of options:


SHUTTLE: Book a GoOpti shuttle (shared van) transfer directly to your final destination in Koper. Please note that advance booking is necessary.


Other options can be found at the Ljubljana Airport website.


The transfer options will be provided by the organisers. You will be able to choose to travel:

  • by bus
  • by bicycle

We will also make sure your luggage gets to Koper.


See the arrival to Trieste section for the same transit options. The organisers will provide a bus transfer from KOPER TRAIN STATION to TRIESTE TRAIN STATION on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.


As the event takes place in two locations, please book your accommodation:

  • from the day of arrival until Wednesday, 22 May, in Trieste, Italy,
  • from Wednesday, 22 May, until your departure in Koper, Slovenia.

Due to the rich programme, we do not recommend a daily transfer from other locations (in case you book your accommodation in one place for the whole duration of the event). The transfer from Trieste to Koper will be arranged by the organiser.

For assistance with booking accommodation, please contact t4euweek@upr.si.

The University of Primorska has contacted some of the major accommodation providers in the municipality for this event, which are holding several rooms for your reservation until 1 April. So please make your reservation as soon as possible, even if you do not have the names and other details of the participants yet. After this date, we can no longer guarantee discounts and free rooms.

When contacting the providers, please quote the CODE T4EUWEEK to be given the opportunity to book and receive special rates.

For further assistance, please contact t4euweek@upr.si.










For more information and help with bookings, please contact t4euweek@upr.si.