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symphonic concert & Węgiel Film Festival

T4EU Week

12 May 2022, Katowice

The second to last day of Transform4Europe Week ended with a Kultura Natura symphonic concert and a Węgiel Film Festival event.

The symphonic concert took place in the concert hall of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) as part of the Katowice Culture Nature Festival.

In turn, during the Węgiel Film Festival held from 12 to 15 May, the works of film students from around the world were shown to a larger audience. It is an opportunity to exchange creative experiences and to bring schools together. The event also encourages an exchange of opinions on the presented films and their artistic side.

Photo report

Symphonic concert in NOSPR
Photo by Marta Żebracka
group of people
Photo by Krzysztof Szlapa
group of people
Photo by Krzysztof Szlapa