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T4EU Week in EKA

Desing & Sustainability

13–17 June 2023 | Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

  • event for: students and administrative staff
  • form of the event: mobility week full of lectures, workshops, tours and integration events
  • language: English


The Estonian Academy of Arts organizes the Transform4Europe (T4EU) European Universities’ study week “Design & Sustainability” in June 13–17. Students and support staff from ten European universities are invited to the week full of the best lectures and workshops, and students’ works also presented at the TASE ’23 Grad Show exhibition and at the ERKI Fashion Show.

The theme of the study week is “design and sustainability”. Sustainability is one of EKA’s core values – in its development, it is based on the environmental friendliness of the art academy, which is the sustainable way of thinking. Design and the design process are an important part of the solution to the ecological crisis.

As part of the week, creative research will be introduced, students can participate in a creative research writing workshop and workshops on menging clothes, documenting cultural heritage, etc.

Students are invited to take part in the T4EU week, which has three options:

  1. The main program (June 13-17) includes mandatory general subjects and workshops and seminars with a limited number of participants (Program)
  2. Weekly seminar “Care, community and colonialism in the art museum” (June 12-15). In addition, core program courses may also be taken if the schedule allows. (Introduction to the seminar)
  3. Weekly workshop “Cultural heritage documentation solutions workshop” (June 12-16). In addition, core program courses may also be taken if the schedule allows. (Introduction to the workshop)

Before the course, it is possible to watch pre-recorded video interviews with experts (20-30 minute interviews, 7 interviews in total) on different aspects of sustainability.

Those who complete the course receive 3 credit points, which can be transferred to a free subject.

NB! The courses are in English.

The student can register here until June 4th or until the semester continues.

Detailed information about the study week in and introduction to the lecturers can be found on the EKA website.

T4EU Week „Design & Sustainability”, EKA, June 13–17, 2023