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T4EU Sentence for MAY

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Use your vote to transform!

One of the key missions of the T4EU is to educate knowledge entrepreneurs, people with skills to shape and transform not only their current situations into better ones but also bring positive changes to their social environment. It is built on solid foundations – a high sense of responsibility, respect for diversity and inclusion, and—most of all—active citizenship. It is vital to have the democratic awareness that casting a vote is one of the most powerful and important tools for contributing to changes and transformation. Thus, this month’s sentence aims to raise awareness and call to action.   

The upcoming European Parliament Elections are a perfect chance to live by democratic values and create a brighter future. As a European citizen – think about your values, goals, and future, ask questions to candidates, discuss ideas and cast your vote, according to your preferences. Remember – your vote is important to democracy, freedom and European values.