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T4EU monthly sentences launched


In January 2024, we launched the T4EU monthly sentences, a project constituting a part of our Campus Life activity. Languages may shape not only the individual but also world views. And it is learning about different shades of a sentence, a sound and an image that has stimulated our curiosity – how does one view, one idea, one message translate into all eleven T4EU languages?

We chose some sentences and are still exploring new ones, finding translations and showing that the T4EU Alliance is a colourful community speaking in eleven different languages; despite this, we have managed to find a common language to reach our goals and vision. We share them in English, but it seems neither right nor sufficient enough, as it is in celebrating diversity that we find our strength, uniting us in respect and curiosity. We wanted to satisfy the latter by answering the question of how different sentences describing the areas or purposes of the T4EU community sound in different languages. And so we have decided to start with the T4EU Alliance slogan – Boost the European Spirit!

T4EU Sentences: transform4europe.eu/#t4eu-sentences.