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Apply to enhance your knowledge and skills in the construction and woodworking industry and other much needed in the 21st century

19 August 2024 – 30 August 2024 |  University of Primorska

  • event for: BSc, MSc and PhD Students of material science, architecture, and civil engineering
  • venue: InnoRenew CoE (Livade 6a, 6310 Izola, Slovenia)
  • language: English
  • ECTS: 6
  • registration: click here
  • registration deadline: 30 April 2024
  • registration fee: EUR 300


The aim of the Summer School is to enhance the participants’ knowledge and skills to work successfully in the construction and woodworking industry and to enrich them with other skills that are much needed in the 21st century, namely the competencies needed for the transition to a sustainable, digital and inclusive future within the construction ecosystem, as the construction sector plays a very important role in global environmental issues. The focus is therefore on the transition to a sustainable society and building a sustainable, digital and inclusive future together. It is also an opportunity for participants to forge important business links that will be key to building an international team that will co-create an innovative built environment.

Registration process

  • Step 1: Students complete the e-form with the required information.
  • Step 2: After completing the form, applicants will receive an email requesting a cover letter and information about their field of study.
  • Step 3: Upon confirmation of acceptance to the Summer School, applicants are required to pay the registration fee within 7 days.


Contact person:

Andreja Kutnar: andreja.kutnar@upr.si

Information for students:

Tanja Labus: international@famnit.upr.si

The Summer School is organised in cooperation with the ARCHI-SKIN project and co-financed by the DAAD Go East Sommerschulen / Summer Schools 2024.

More information about the Summer School is available here.


Monday, 19 August:

  • Welcome and introduction to the Summer School;
  • Instructions for student group projects;
  • Visit of InnoRenew CoE’s laboratories
  • Forming the 3 groups (see details below)

Tuesday, 20 August:

  • Engineered wood products for construction
  • Architecture and types of timber buildings
  • Group work on a student project

Wednesday, 21 August:

  • Wooden facades
  • Field trip – wooden structures on the Slovenian coast (TBC: Lepa Vida, Škocjanjski zatok Nature Reserve) & non-destructive measurement of the facades
  • Group work on student projects

Thursday, 22 August:

  • Acoustics of timber buildings
  • Group work on student projects

Friday, 23 August:

  • Digitalisation of the built environment
  • Group work on a student project

Saturday, 24 August & Sunday, 25 August:

  • Beach Days

Monday, 26 August:

  • Lab work – testing of mechanical properties of engineered wood products
  • Group work on a student project

Tuesday, 27 August:

  • Restorative Environmental and Ergonomic Design
  • Group work on student projects

Wednesday, 28 August:

  • Invited talks from industry representatives – wooden house manufacturers followed by discussion
  • Group work on a student project

Thursday, 29 August:

  • Field trip – visit to a production of dowel laminated timber and wooden house manufacturing

Friday, 30 August:

  • Presentation of student’s projects
  • Conclusions and farewell