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Stakeholder Challenge 2023

Take the Challenge! Prodigys Group has one for you.

10–12 May 2023 | University of Trieste, Italy

  • event for: students and academic staff
  • apply before: 21 April 2023
  • online attendance: web.units.it


Prodigys Group has launched a challenge that could be of interest to many of T4EU Alliance Students and academic staff!

The Stakeholder Challenge consists in designing an improvement action for their Business Intelligence platform “AgrEGG” already used by many Fortune 500 companies. Thanks to its ability to quickly combine any type of data, regardless of quantity and source, the platform allows you to easily explore data thanks to its drill down, aggregation and intelligent visualization capabilities.

Data exploration is no longer just linear but becomes dynamic, scalable, flexible, and real-time. The powerful calculation engine, starting from different data sources, can process complex mathematical formulas to build statistics and graphs analysis with the aim of measuring and monitoring KPIs from any useful database or data source.

Students, with any academic background, and academic staff will work in groups for three days (10th /11th /12th May 2023) creating a support for the functional evaluation of the tool, testing the user-experience, and suggesting new features for the toll overall improvement.

The following work steps are planned during the three-days Challenge:

  1. User analysis: creation of own dashboard and evaluation of frontend and backend usability.
  2. Benchmark Market: research of similar software highlighting its specialties and success factors.
  3. Tuning User Interface: redesigning some elements/sections.
  4. Concept plug-in: creation of additional services which can increase the effectiveness of the product/service.

Winners will be awarded with 1,500 euros.

Link to application form: (Open and accessible from 20 March 2023):