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T4EU Stakeholder Challenge 2023

Call for companies

University of Trieste, Italy

  • event for: companies
  • form of the event: challenge
  • language: English
  • registration: https://web.units.it


From June, 20th to July, 1st 2023, it is possible for Companies, from all regions of the T4EU Alliance, to submit a challenge (societal, ecological, entrepreneurial…) by filling out this form: https://web.units.it/page/forms/it/content/stakeholder-challenge-2023-company-application

If the submitted challenge is selected by a committee of Transform4Europe Alliance representatives, the Company will be contacted and its challenge will become the next T4EU Stakeholder Challenge to which students and academic staff of the T4EU Alliance will try to find a solution.

What is the T4EU Stakeholder Challenge? It is an event requiring no more than three days of intervention in which students and academic staff from all the Universities of the Transform4Europe Alliance come together in international teams to work on a problem raised by a Stakeholder.

The Challenge has multiple objectives: on the one hand, participants have the opportunity to develop their creativity, problem solving aptitude, and collaboration skills; on the other hand, the Stakeholder has the chance to encourage innovation, experimentation, and the development or improvement of their own products or services.

Therefore, the Challenge is not just about improving a product or service, but it is also an occasion for students and academic staff to build an international network, to learn new skills and professions while the Stakeholder has the opportunity to engage with outside viewpoints, new talents, and the need for innovation.