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Roundtable T4ERI

The University of Silesia hosted a series of roundtable meetings as part of the T4ERI project

18–20 September 2023 | University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland


On September 18-20, 2023, the University of Silesia hosted a series of roundtable meetings as part of the T4ERI project, gathering representatives of universities associated in the T4EU alliance, representatives of Doctoral Schools and key stakeholders. Starting from discussions about Doctoral Schools, through reflections on Human Resources, to a fascinating exchange of ideas with stakeholders, participants had the opportunity to explore various aspects of scientific cooperation. The questions asked prompted deeper reflection and the exchange of valuable experiences, creating an atmosphere in which each participant’s expertise made a significant contribution to the development of the T4EU alliance. Below is a short account of each of these inspiring meetings.

Round on Doctoral Schools (September 18):

The series began on September 18 with a dedicated discussion on Doctoral Schools. Participants delved into the multifaceted landscape of post-doctoral career paths, realizing that not every PhD graduate pursues a teaching position. Key questions included maintaining research collaborations, exploring diverse career paths both within and beyond academia, and sharing best practices for guiding the career paths of young researchers.

Human Resources Round (September 19):

The following day, attention focused on the important area of Human Resources within the T4EU alliance. The agenda included the presentation of the results of research conducted under WP3 and a joint discussion with T4EU partners. The questions prompted participants to reflect on opportunities to share HR strategies and the role of the T4EU alliance in improving HR practices in line with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

Stakeholder Round (September 20):

The series ended with a fascinating discussion with stakeholders on September 20. T4ERI representatives were asked to share examples of successful collaborations between their universities and companies. On the other hand, stakeholders shed light on the benefits and challenges of collaboration between academic institutions and enterprises. Questions ranged from specific collaboration outcomes to strategies for effective knowledge transfer and innovation within joint projects.

Throughout this informative series, participants were encouraged to share their experiences, perspectives and best practices. The discussions aimed not only to address current issues, but also to create a collaborative atmosphere where diverse perspectives contributed to the overall goals of the T4EU alliance. The chronology of these roundtables reflected the progression from the fundamental aspects of doctoral education to the complex dynamics of human resources strategy to the real implications of collaboration with stakeholders.