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Open Science – doing your research in a more transparent and collaborative way – is becoming increasingly important for all scientific disciplines. Open Science practices are more and more required by third-party funders, play a growing role in teaching, and, most importantly, in research. There is a lot of evidence that open and transparent science leads to more trustworthy and reliable research results. However, many researchers feel that there are still some unanswered questions about (i) what practices are covered under the term Open Science, (ii) what are the potential benefits and disadvantages of following Open Science practices in one’s own research, (iii) how to successfully implement Open Science practices in their research routines.

The Open Science Snacks will address these questions in an informative but short and easily digestible way. Each Snack takes only 3-5 minutes to read. The Open Science Snacks offer something for everyone, from those who are new to Open Science practices and curious to learn more, to those who already have some experience with Open Science. In six short episodes, the topics will range from ‘Open and FAIR data’ to ‘Myths about Open Science’ and ‘Preregistration 101’. Each Snack offers a variety of resources for further reading and practical implementation.

The Open Science Snacks are offered by the Science4All initiative of the alliances’ research & innovation project T4ERI.