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Open Dual Lecture in Trieste

7 June 2023 | University of Trieste, Italy

  • form of the event: lecture
  • language: English
  • date: June 7, 2023 (call open until May 7)
  • registration: web.units.it


On June 7, 2023 an Open Dual Lecture will be held in Trieste on the topic “Mobility and decarbonisation: the EU’s challenges for 2035”.  A speaker from academia and an entrepreneur will be invited to dialogue about this subject”.  

The University of Trieste needs to identify an entrepreneur, to be entrusted with an evening lectureship activity for this initiative. Applications are open until 7 May 2023. 

The lecturer must prove first-hand experience and a solid background in 

  • digital transformation and smart regions
  • environmental transformation and sustainability
  • societal transformation, community building and inclusion.

Previous university teaching experiences or previous relevant lectureships or speaking in conferences will be evaluated.  

All applicants need to have:   

  • citizenship from a region of the Transform4Europe alliance other than the hosting University
  • demonstrated experience in the fields of digital transformation, sustainability or societal challenges
  • fluent in spoken English 

The University of Trieste will grant an attendance remuneration of 500€ and will cover the travel and accommodation expenses for the day of the lecture  

The objectives of the lectures are:   

  1. encourage the academia-industry dialogue  
  2. define the knowledge and know-how transfer methodologies 
  3. professional update and growth 
  4. strengthening of the bonds among institutional partners. Invitation for nomination to lecture on

For more information, refer to the invitation for nominations. 


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