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Open Dual Lecture in Alicante

January 27, 2023 | University of Alicante


Alicante University (UA) is organizing Open Dual Lecture to be held in Alicante on 27th January 2023. With a view to it, UA is looking for one professional to be entrusted with a lectureship activity on Sustainable tourism in relation to one of the three focus areas of the Transform4Europe:

  • Digital transformation and smart regions;
  • Environmental transformation and sustainability;
  • Societal transformation, community building and inclusion.

The objectives of the lectures are:

  • Encourage the academia-industry dialogue;
  • Define knowledge and know-how transfer methodologies;
  • Professional update and growth;
  • Strengthening of the bonds among institutional partners.

All parties interested in execution of the task must prove their experience in implementation of entrepreneurial knowledge in one of the three focus areas of Transform4Europe as well as in delivering lectures or speaking in conferences. Good English language speaking competency is also  required to the deliver the lecture.

Alicante University will grant an attendance remuneration of 500€ and will cover the travel and accommodation expenses for the day of the lecture.

Full information can be found here.

The lecturer must be nominated by a partner university that will submit the Nomination form with attachments (Curriculum vitae and copy of an ID document) by e-mail within the deadline of December 9, 2022 to the address v.climent@ua.es.

More information: centroempleo.ua.es.