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Open Dual Lecture in Alicante

Don’t miss the next Open Dual Lecture on Sustainable Tourism

27 January 2023 | 18.00-20.00 CET
University of Alicante, Spain


Next Friday 27th January the University of Alicante has organised an Open Dual Lecture on Sustainable Tourism, in the framework of the European alliance Transform4europe. The activity will take place from 18:00h to 20:00h and it will be possible to participate in person or online.

The objectives of the activity are to promote dialogue between academia and industry; to define effective methodologies for knowledge and know-how transfer; to update and professional growth; and to strengthen the links between institutional partners. This is an excellent opportunity to bring together academia, business, associations and stakeholders from the seven countries that make up the alliance.

The activity will be moderated by Dr. Josep A. Ivars Baidal, a Professor of the Department of Regional Geographical Analysis and Physical Geography at the University of Alicante. The speakers will be Dr. Oana Madalina Driha, a professor of the Department of Applied Economic Analysis of the University of Alicante, on behalf of the academy, and Leonardo Cerno, a professor appointed by the Selection Committee of the University of Alicante, on behalf of the business environment.

To participate in person, it is necessary to register at the following link: https://acortar.link/fz94JA. Likewise, the activity can be followed online at the following link: https://vertice.cpd.ua.es/seden.

If you have any questions, please contact orientacion.ce@ua.es.