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Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

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Welcome to Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”!

Founded in 1888, Sofia University is the oldest higher education institution in Bulgaria, embodying a rich cultural and educational tradition. Located in the heart of Sofia, the university boasts an impressive student body of over 21,000 individuals and offers 119-degree programs across 16 faculties, including humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

At Sofia University, we prioritize creating an enriching academic environment with a focus on high-quality education, research, and personal development. Our university consistently ranks as the top university in Bulgaria and is recognized globally, placing within the QS World University Rankings.

University in a nutshell


Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is located in the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia. The main campus is situated at 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd, in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible and well-connected to various parts of Sofia.


To go to the city center you can take the metro from the Sofia Airport Metro Station (M4 line) which is located next to Terminal 2. If you arrive at Terminal 1 and need to get to Terminal 2 to catch the metro, you can take buses 84 (bus 84 can also take you directly to the University and the journey takes approximately 40 mins) or 184 or take the free airport shuttle that goes on every 30 mins. The direction you need to take is Terminal 2.

Sofia offers a comprehensive public transportation system including buses, trams, trolleys, and a metro network.

Tickets for the urban transport

You can buy a single-trip travel card for the metro that costs 1.60 BGN (≈0.82 EUR) and is issued by the ticket vending machines or by a cashier at the metro cash desk, both located at the entrance of the metro stations. The card can be used for entrance to the metro platforms up to 30 minutes after being issued. The single-trip travel card for the metro has to be validated at the validation machines at the entrance to the metro platforms. There is also a contactless payment option available on all public means of transport. This means that you can pay for a single-trip ticket directly with your debit/credit card (or a digital card uploaded to your NFC mobile wallet). You need to validate your card on the validation machines at the entrance of the metro stations or on-board in the other means of transport (trams, trolleys, buses). The ticket that you buy with your credit/debit card is again valid for 30 mins after the validation. For more information:


Learn Bulgarian

Sofia University provides extensive Bulgarian language courses for international students. These courses are available through the Faculty of Slavic Studies and the Department for Language and Specialized Training. The program includes general and specialized language training, ensuring students are well-prepared for academic and daily interactions in Bulgarian. Courses typically last nine months, with a combination of classroom hours dedicated to language and subject-specific training​. For more information:


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