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Masterclass Intensive Care Medicine

Get conntected through our global classroom

April 2024 | Saarland University, Germany

  • course for: students of all universities
  • form of the event: online course


“Masterclass: Intensive Care Medicine” is an international course aimed at European medical students and teaches intensive care topics in an online format. In addition to short lectures, practical elements such as live demonstrations of intensive care interventions, live rounds in the intensive care unit and interviews with doctors, nurses, patients and relatives should convey important content. Clinical pictures and their complications in the intensive care unit are presented on the basis of 3 different patients. The students receive up-to-date information about the condition of “their” patient on a daily basis and thus experience the “up and down” of the disease as well as the opportunities and limits of intensive care medicine. ECTS points are awarded so that this course can be credited to other foreign faculties. For more information go to: masterclassicm.com.

Masterclass: Intensive Care Medicine