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T4EU SENTENCE for march

One sentence, ten languages, every month, showing what T4EU represents to us in different languages


In March the T4EU sentence message is clear: “The future is bright for Knowledge Entrepreneurs.” As one of missions of T4EU alliance is to educate knowledge entrepreneurs with a concept, that aims to empower individuals to seek and implement transformational change.

Knowledge Entrepreneurs are global citizens, capable of being critical, demonstrating an integrative, applied approach across diverse cultures, understanding and dealing with complex systems, and applying interdisciplinary and co-creational approaches to problem-solving. And for students, young people like this, the future can be nothing but bright!

What are T4EU sentences? In January we launched the T4EU monthly sentences as a part of our Campus Life activity. Language shapes not only the individual, but also world views. And it is learning about the different shades of a sentence, a sound and an image that has stimulated our curiosity – how does one view, one idea, one message translate in all of ten T4EU languages?