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Juan Llopis about the T4EU Alliance

Watch a video about benefits of belonging to the T4EU Alliance

5 December 2022 | University of Alicante, Spain


The Spanish television Intercomarcal interviewed Juan Llopis, Director of Institutional Relations and Projects at the University of Alicante (Spain). In the interview, Llopis explained what the Transform4Europe Alliance is all about univesand what the benefits are for all partners and for the education community in general.

The alliance aims to create a European university, with common structures and curricula, and to create innovative teaching and learning environments. It also aims to promote the mobility of students, researchers, teachers and administrative staff between the different universities in the alliance.

As the representative of the Spanish university explains, the alliance, in all its activities, prioritises three thematic areas to address current societal challenges: (1) digital transformation and smart regions, (2) environmental transformation and sustainability, and (3) social transformation and inclusion.

To date, many advances have been made, such as the creation of a management and governance structure involving rectors, vice-rectors and experts from the different entities to define the new model of a single and sustainable university; or the definition of joint European curricula.

This ambitious project, which is in its final stretch, aims to transform the university higher education model.