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Innovative Teaching Conference INNO-METHODS 2023

The event will host experts from different Higher Education institutions

26-27 September 2023 | University of Trieste, Italy

  • event for: academic staff
  • form of the event: conference
  • language: English


The Innovative Teaching Conference wants to promote a reflection on innovative teaching methods and quality curricula, and share innovative approaches enhanced by digital innovations to build a shared perspective for the T4EU Alliance.

The conference on innovative teaching methods (INNO-METHODS) will take place at the University of Trieste from September 25th to 27th, 2023. The event will host experts from different Higher Education institutions. The conference’s aim is to encourage reflection and discussion on INNO-METHODS and quality curricula, sharing digital-enhanced innovative approaches to foster a shared perspective for the T4EU Alliance. The participants will also contemplate the transformative potential of these innovations. 

In particular, the following topics will be addressed: 

  • Developing Innovative Approaches to University Teaching.
  • Quality Assurance and Innovative Teaching: Competing or Complimentary Activities?
  • Smart Learning Design.
  • The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Boosting the Adoption of Innovative Teaching Strategies.

The conference will conclude with a round table on experiences from T4EU teachers who implemented INNO-METHODS.

On the first event’s day, there will be a prize-giving ceremony, during which Innovations implemented by lecturers within the T4EU will be awarded.

By bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds and institutions, the gathering in Trieste aspires to create a platform for collaborative thinking, idea generation, and actionable insights that will contribute to educational excellence in the years ahead.

Download the programme (pdf, 1,29 MB)