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Europe Day: Tv broadcast in Trieste

The University of Trieste organized some Tv broadcast in the local TGR and in a local Tv

The University of Trieste


On the occasion of Europe Day, which took place on 9 May, the University of Trieste was a guest on two television programmes to talk about the European spirit and especially about our Transform4Europe alliance.

It was also an opportunity to present the upcoming Transform4Europe week, whose topic is “Transborder Europe” and which will be held in Trieste from 5 to 9 June.

Prof. Pallavicini, Rector’s Delegate for the T4EU Alliance and project manager Silvia Agostini illustrated the numerous activities and advantages of being part of an alliance and were also delighted with the recent enlargement to include our neighbours from the University of Koper.

In particular, they talked about:

  • T4EU Weeks
  • Bachelor Tracks
  • Open Dual Lectures
  • Stakeholder Challenge
  • Multilingualism


At the same time, the student ambassadors are on their fourth meeting in various university locations and departments to explain face-to-face to their fellow students the aims and opportunities of taking an active part in the Transform4Europe project.

Social media did not shy away and various channels picked up on the news of the show.

Here is an example on Twitter: twitter.com.

Here, if you want to practice your Italian, you can review the broadcast of:


In recent months even the local newspaper, Il Piccolo, had dedicated an article to our Alliance!