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Conference of European Universities in Warsaw

Discussion panels, workshops and the ‘European Universities – Alliances of the Future’ contest

15 May 2021 | Poland


‘European Universities as the basis of Innovative Europe’ – this is the theme of the 1st Conference of European Universities, taking place on 15 May 2023 in Warsaw. It is a new initiative organised, bearing in mind alliances bringing together universities with the Erasmus+ programme, and the Transform4Europe Alliance is a part of this group.

The event will be a chance to exchange experiences and strengthen collaboration in terms of education, research and innovation across the entire Europe.
Participants will engage in discussion panels on, e.g. challenges faced currently by European universities. The event will also feature workshops in, e.g. micro-credentials and possibilities of financing activities from the Horizon Europe programme and Erasmus+.

Additionally, the results of the ‘European Universities – Alliances of the Future’ contest will be announced; the contest is addressed to Polish universities in European Universities consortia. The winners will be announced in five categories: personality, innovations, cooperation with the socio-economic environment, Erasmus+ excellence, and support for Ukraine.

The event is organised by the Erasmus+ National Agency and the European Solidarity Corps. Education, Training, Youth. More at https://erasmusplus.org.pl/ (in Polish).