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CITY – liberty, identity, innovation

Transform4Europe PhD Conference

24–28 April 2023 | University of Silesia in Katowice


The city – place where democracy, philosophy and institutions of law were born. For centuries an island of freedom and self-government, a forum for dialogue, trade, where cultures meet. The heart of the university tradition, a source of ideas, innovation and development. Beginning in ancient Greece and Rome, through the free city of the feudal era and capitals of nation-states to cosmopolitan metropolises – cities have significantly shaped European identity.

What is a city and what role does it have to play in the modern world? We would like to invite you to the discussion.

With experts of different nationalities and many disciplines we want to look at the phenomenon of the city from the historical, sociological, political, urban, environmental, cultural and others points of view. Thus “the city” will constitute a common platform for interdisciplinary deliberations on the role of urban centers, their specifics, perspectives and challenges they have faced and will facing in the 21st century.

The conference will take place in the cities in the heart of the Silesia region. Silesian Metropolis in combined of 26 towns. Once known only as the industrial capital of Poland, now is also recognized as a region of great music festivals, green transformation and developing science. Silesia is the legacy of three countries (Poland, Germany, Czech Republic) and even more nationalities, with the cultural distinctiveness of the local society.

This makes Silesia a combination of global, local and the totally unique things in very often contrasting way. Conference participants will have the opportunity to take part in trips and workshops connected with the conference topic and with Silesian traditions.

In the same time at our University take place Transform4Europe Week and the International Festival of Cultures.

T4EU PhD Conference „City – Liberty, Identity, Innovation”, University of Silesia, April 24–28, 2023