Financial markets, institutions and instruments

The purpose of this course is to explore financial markets, the essential role of financial institutions, and the variety of financial instruments available. Students will gain insight into the structure and functions of the financial system and the operation of equity, debt, derivatives, and foreign exchange markets. The course also covers the operation of major financial institutions such as banks, investment intermediaries, and insurance companies. It also provides a detailed examination of financial instruments, from traditional options such as stocks and bonds to complex derivatives, emphasizing their use in risk management and investment strategies. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical insights and real data, this course equips students with knowledge of the mechanisms of the financial system and its impact on the global economy.
Number of places for T4EU students: 10.

Lecturer: Suzana Laporšek
At UP Faculty of Management, we have quarters, and whether it is going to be 1st or 2nd quarter hasn’t been decided yet.


Basic Course (BC): knowledge in area of expertise

Time: TBC



Jul 11 2024




University of Primorska