Economic statistics

The aim of this course is to present to the students the two facets of statistics. On the one hand, the course explains official data – its creation, calculation, purpose and use. On the other hand, the course discussed the official statistical data from the perspective of interpretation and appropriability. The topics covered range from prices and output (GDP and industrial production) to population and labour, as well as global indeces like the Human Development Index or Corruption Perception Index. During the course students should get acquainted with the basics and operating principles of official statistics with an emphasis on statistical concepts of economic activity; as well as understand the conceptual bases of economic statistics and quality assessment (while being able to discuss limitations of indicators from the field of economic statistics). This means that the course provides to students the knowledge and skills to be able to search for secondary statistical data in the field of economic activity and use statistical software tools to perform statistical analysis and work with statistical databases in a correct and appropriate manner.

Number of places for T4EU students: 10

Lecturer: Ana Grdović Gnip

At UP Faculty of Management, we have quarters, and this subject will be in the 2nd quarter, ie. starting November, 25


Basic Course (BC): knowledge in area of expertise

Time: TBC



Oct 01 2024 - Jan 17 2025




University of Primorska